Prodi IP UMY Opening Opportunities for Students who are interested in the field of research and service

Yogyakarta (21/9) Improving the capability and qualifications of science and technology human resources at research, development, and/or study institutions is currently being promoted by the government. One form of capacity building is in the form of a Research-based Internship Program and Student Service. This program can be carried out in line with the research targets set, research collaboration, and implementation of formal education with universities. The need to harmonize the theme of the research carried out, with the content and substance of formal education is the main requirement in these two programs.

In line with this, the Government Science Study Program Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IP UMY Study Program) opens opportunities for UMY IP Study Program students and the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) to take part in Magang Berbasis Penilitian and Mahasiswa Mengabdi which are part of the Grant. Independent Campus Competition Program (PK-KM) Year 2022. With this activity, students can master various sciences that are useful for entering the world of work. Furthermore, students get many benefits, such as incentive writing mentoring, adding publications, credit conversion, certification, and getting a maximum incentive of IDR 6,000,000 for Magang Berbasis Penilitan and a maximum incentive of IDR 8,000,000 for Mahasiswa Mengabdi. (ARP

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