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The Visit from SMAN 2 Pringsewu Was Interactive and Exciting!

Yogyakarta (13/12) – For the umpteenth time, the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) was allowed to take part in promotional activity for school visits held by the UMY Admissions Bureau. On this occasion, IGOV UMY was allowed to welcome guests from SMAN 2 Pringsewu, Lampung who was conducting a Goes to Campus event to the best campuses in Indonesia.

Before they visited UMY they visited tourist attractions around the D.I.Y. because it is very unfortunate if visiting Yogyakarta does not enjoy the existing tourist attractions. This was disclosed by one student who declined to be named.

“Before we visited UMY, we visited tourist attractions around D.I.Y such as Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta Palace, Malioboro, etc,” he said

Next, they visited UMY to get to know more about UMY and IGOV UMY which was held on Saturday (10/12) and took place in the Ar. Fachrudin A Building, 5th floor, UMY. This activity was brought by Imam Suprabowo, S.Sos.I., M.Pd.I to introduce the ins and outs of UMY and Fadhila Septiyaning, one of the batch 2020 IGOV UMY students to introduce the advantages of IGOV UMY.

According to Fadhila, the visit was conducive and interactive considering a large number of participants. The activity which was attended by 188 participants showed their enthusiasm by asking questions about IGOV UMY and UMY.

“Wow, I think the visit was very conducive and interactive, judging from their enthusiasm in asking about the advantages of IGOV UMY and they seemed interested in the Student Exchange Program which they asked a lot about,” Fadhila said. (ARP)