Thursday, January 5th 2017. International Program of Governmental Studies (IGOV) students sending back 3 international student that have been studied in IGOV for one semester back to their homeland. Three students from Universiti Utara Malaysia, Mohd Fakhrullah Bin Saar, Nur Yumna Bazilah Binti Malek, and Nurul Hafizah Binti Mohd Idrus. For the last 5 months, they have been learn a lot of things while studying in IGOV not only about the government and political system in Indonesia but also about Indonesian culture especially Javanese culture.  However, a strong bond were made between IGOVers with Malaysian students which make today as their hardest goodbye. Yumna and Fakhrullah said that they will come again to Yogyakarta, a lot of  beautiful memories were made while they were staying in Yogyakarta.

Good luck for all of international students, and thank you for being part of our family!