On May 9, 2017, The International Program of Government Affairs and Administration of UMY has once again visited by the delegates from University of Bradford, UK. At the event held at Postgraduate Director’s Meeting Hall, Carly Balmforth and Ismat Abu Shihab, promoted their University to open the opportunity for UMY students to continue their studies at the UK.

Carly, The Senior Recruitment Officer for the South East Asia Region, mentioned that the City of Bradford itself is a melting pot with very diverse demography. With that in mind, Bradford offers a very good environment for Muslim visitors and students. “University of Bradford is one of the most multicultural universities in the UK. You will be able to meet with friends from very diverse social, education, and cultural backgrounds.” She mentioned.

Ismat, one of the Bradford Graduate and the Senior Recruitment Officer for MENA Region, told the students about his experience during his study. UoB has changed into a better university that focuses on building harmony for their students’ diverse social backgrounds. As a Muslim, he has no difficulties in looking for halal foods, because there are many halal food stalls and restaurants around the City and University. If the students seeks for praying, UoB provides praying room for all religions in the University.

At the end of the event, all students were given an opportunity to have a chat about any information related with the admission to the University of Bradford. (AMIR)