A Fun Way to Learn Journalism by Radar Jogja

October 11, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

Gift token form department of Government Affairs and Administration UMY toward Radar Jogja

On Wednesday (10/10/2018), the Government Major team went to Radar Jogja and Kompas as the most known Printed Newspaper media in Indonesia. (Radar Jogja) The agenda started at 09.00 and finished at 12.45. This agenda welcomed by the Direction of Radar Jogja Bureau: Amin Surachmad (chief of Editorial Staff), Joko Suhendro (manager of Advertisement), Syukron Arif (manager of a business), and Nanang Febriyanto (journalists as well as the Online media PIC).

The team led and opened by Eko Atmojo as the Secretary of Governmental Major. This visit aims to study more about the way to formulate excellent and fun news. The key to making news come by the phrase 5 W 1 H + 2 W, what’s next? “to make a good report and continue is easy. You can start to create a trend or open opinion,” said Joko as the Manager of Advertisement. “for me, the reporter should have the feeling of anxiety because critics come after restlessness,” Nanang added.

Media visit and workshop

“in writing news, there is some etiquette that should not be trespass; spelling, proper title, trust, and many visits,” said Syukron. “ UMY also needs to find the criteria, problem, and uniqueness of the news to improve the reader/visitor,” Syukron added. “Everyone should have freedom on writing, find the differences, and start to go from the mainstream journalism,” said Amin. “Besides, the Journalism should be happy, no need to be too formal to make it easier to read, serious to produce a new style of journalism and don’t be mainstream,” Amin added.

In the question and answer session, some of the team ask about the detail in writing news for the standard printed media and or online media. “ for me especially, as the PIC of IGOV (international class) I still found hardness in looking for the standard of English journalism, Could you help me to suggest?” ask Adibah. “For Radar Jogja, itself is a media that use Bahasa Indonesia, in technical, we do not have any suggestion. However, you need to analyze your visitors, segments, and criteria of your reader to ensure your character,” Syukron answered. (Adibah Dhivani)