Yogyakarta, 4 April 2018, International Program of Governmental Affairs and Administration welcoming a guest lecture from York University, Canada. Fatima Amjad a master student of Accounting, lecturing about Islam and Politics in Canada while in her visitation in Yogyakarta. She is not only talked about Politics but also economics atmosphere in her hometown.

“It was really fun discussing politics and economics with the students here. They really enjoyed the class and participated actively in the discussion,” said Fatma.

In her visitation to UMY, she was able to learn how to make Batik and visit some tourism attraction in Yogyakarta such as Malioboro and Kalibiru.  “That was an unforgettable moment of mine. I never thought that UMY facilitated this kind of opportunities for the foreigner. Thank you IGOV and UMY.” add Fatma.