IGOV Family Gathering part 1

February 12, 2019 by : superadmin-ig

One of the ways to unify the students from batch 2015-2018 is by organizing the meeting. IGOV UMY held the Family gathering (Saturday, 9/2) in Dolandeso Boro, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. The agenda was consist of several schedules such as; Student Exchange Preparation, Study Abroad Experiences, and Alumni Gathering. Starting at 10.00 am the agenda was opened by Afiyatika Mufidati form batch 2016 as the moderator of the whole programme.

Continue to the next part is “games of introduction.” This session was led by Dr. phil. Ridho Al-Hamdi, MA as the director of IGOV UMY. The games throwing the bottle and give a brief introduction.  Afterward, it continues to the next part is the Introduction of the Muhammadiyah Movement presented by Bachtiar Dwi Kurniawan, S.Fil.i, MPA as the central board of Muhammadiyah member. Bachtiar informs the students about the work of Muhammadiyah in society as well as empower the citizens. The question and answer run well by 3 items in the first session and 2 issues in the next part. Student exchange experience also becomes of interesting agenda here. In the first session, USM, UUM, Khon Kaen, and Maejo University delivered their experiences during their stay at those campuses. Moving to the next meeting is the brief introduction of Master of Government Affairs and Administration UMY delivered by Erni Zuhriyati, S.IP, MA. Erni told the student’s that MIP nowadays has opened the new joint degree opportunity. MGAA student will stay at the UMY for 1 year and MSU-IIT the next year.

When the sun goes down, it becomes the signal of completing the agenda today. They had to pray Maghreeb together and recite the holy Quran. Next is the dinner and continue to the next session is the study abroad experiences. The lecturer who came was Faris Al-Fadhat as Australian alumna, Arie Paksi as UK alumna, and David Effendy as US alumna. Faris first aim to have the doctoral programs is not in Australia, but the UK. He told the students to never give up on everything, as well as Arie said the same things. In the other hand, David also noted that the US is not his first choice at that time. The question and answer session make 6 questions from the students. The agenda that night closed by having durian with all the participants, lecturers, and committees at 11 pm. (AD)