IP-IGOV Lecturers learns E-Learning Enthusiastically

September 10, 2018 by : superadmin-ig

Saturday, September 8, 2018, The Government Science major held an e-learning workshop. The activity held at the Government Science major Laboratory from 09.00 to 15.00 was attended by all the lecturers.

The speaker at the workshop was Dr Bambang Riyanta, S.T., M.T (Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering major UMY) and assisted by Muhammad Ma’arif Fatullah (Staff of the Information Bureau of UMY in the field of e-learning). In his delivery, Dr Bambang Riyanta, S.T., M.T. explained how important the use of internet networks as a step facilitate time and energy efficiency. “Because in the current millennial era, all forms of information can be accessed anywhere and anytime, including providing information related to learning to students in e-learning,” said Bambang.
The training, which lasted approximately 6 hours, was immediately confronted with the practice of filling in the components of e-learning. Starting from making an e-learning account for lecturers who do not have an account and to fill out a Semester Learning Plan (RPS) which will be used as a reference for the teaching and learning process for one semester. The thing that attracts the attention of lecturers in conducting learning through e-learning is that the quiz method can be done online.

After the activity, Dr Phil. Ridho Al Hamdi, MA (Lecturer of IP UMY Study Program) expressed that he fully supports the learning model by using e-learning. Furthermore, learning through e-learning makes a fresh breeze of UMY as a process of internationalization, so UMY can be known to the world at large because the learning process follows the development of the times and it is not boring, “said Ridho. (Muhammad Dwi Nur Faisal edited by Adibah Dhivani)